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Murkstalker Revisit by Scorpion451 Murkstalker Revisit by Scorpion451
This one might still need a little work, still not sure.
But I like it enough as is to be worth posting a WIP.

Its amazing what a difference a year and a half of dedicated practice can make. ^^;
Compare to the original from april of last year:

For those who missed the original, the murkstalkers compress large amounts of CO2 into dry ice in reservoirs in the bony pipe-like projections on their backs, then slowly release it like living fog machines to create cover and disorient their prey while hunting.

I still like the mini story that goes with them from the original, too:

"I discovered today that the local tribesmen who have been hosting me during my explorations in this area have the most curious fear of fog. A fog bank encompassed the village last night, and the entire tribe reacted as if a harmless cloud were some manner of horrible apparition or omen of death.
I, for one, would have been quite content to enjoy the cool mist, given the tropical climate of this latitude, but my hosts became so distraught at my lack of concern over the fog that I was compelled to join them inside the villiage's "common house"- a large, well built hut in which the tribe prepares meals and shelters in inclement weather.
I pressed the tribesman who was serving as my guide and interpreter for information on what had them so terrified over a bloody cloud. He related to me that the natives believe that the fog is controlled by some sort of spirit, the name of which in their tongue loosely translates to "the cloud with teeth" He then proceeded to show me a bit of scaly hide and a tooth which he claimed were the remains of one of these "fog demons" as I have taken to thinking of them. He claimed (with a certain amount of pride) a mighty warrior of the village had once slain one of the beasts singlehandedly after it had carried off several villiagers.
I begin to belive that there may be some sort of large animal here like the hippopotamus which enjoys the humidity of the fog and is the source of these tall tales of man-eating monsters. The natural history museum is going to give me a medal!- after I catch one of course."
- entry in a field journal recovered from the last known camp of missing explorer Percival Redshirt
Barn0wl Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Definite improvement! Very cool work and excellent creature!
Work-Of-Dragons Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, you've definalty imporved :) The backgorund here is awesome :)
Manda-Panda-Stuff Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa, this is amazing. Love, fav, all that shtuff. :D
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